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About WP Ecalypse Car Rental Plugin

Welcome to Ecalypse Car Rental WordPress plugin and theme demo.

This website lets you browse through the full functionality of our car rental plugin and try out its features from the point of view of a customer.

Feel free to try to book a car like a customer (no, you won`t have to actually rent it).

This is an out of the box website that any car rental owner can install and use within minutes.

You don`t have to be able to code at all to have a website just like this one. All the functionality is preset for you with the help of templates and admin area in the back end.

Main features of this Ecalypse theme & plugin


Accept reservations that are saved in your database. Manage reservations through familiar WP admin. You can view/edit/create or delete client reservations. You can select who will get notification email – website admin, client or both.


Save money on translation plugins. Everything is 100% translatable out of the box. You don`t need any other solution to translate this website.


Set up unlimited currencies and assign exchange rates as you like. Clients can then make reservations in the currency they are used to.


Our pricing is state of art. It can do all types of rates: daily, fixed, seasonal, any day of the week or weekends, promo codes multiple pricing per item and priorities.


Cash and Paypal payments are included in the theme. If you want to extra payment options like bank transfer, credit card, you can get the payments extension. Everything in it is 100% translatable as well!

Integrated newsletter

All top internet marketers agree that the absolute best online marketing solution is email. That is why our theme as integrated newsletter. Every customer that makes a booking with you and agrees to receive email will be stored in your database that you can then export and load into your favorite email marketing software.


Design is fully responsive and works great on PCs, tables, mobile. The theme is designed based on rental business best practices with 3 step booking system.


With purchase, you get one year of free updates (can be extended). Support with installation, via Skype and via email is available. We also do customizations to make the theme fully tailored to your needs.

Theme and plugin integrated

To start you off on the right foot, you get the functions (plugin) and theme all in one. This means you just install theme and plugin and you have a website that looks just like this one.


If you would like to send us feedback or ask questions, please send an email to or visit our FAQ pages that we will fill up as the questions come in.